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Soccer is being taught only as a simple game.

This decreases the importance of the historical knowledge of the sport, leaving only the interest for results and financial benefits. The idea of common coaching has turned into a way of focusing on the coach's progress instead of developing the players' techniques.

From this point, we recognize the need to encourage players to experience soccer differently: a way of enjoying the thrill of the sport itself rather than stressing the need for a trophy, whether or not the necessary skills have been developed. We believe that teaching soccer is not only based on developing technical-tactical elements but also to aid in the development of the control skills of the individual. Knowledge of the rules and meanings of the sport plays an important role, as well as questioning them to adapt them to the individual's own style. Restoring values ​​that stress group unity instead of the individual, mutual respect, and autonomy in players is key.

Based on this philosophy OLE SOCCER ACADEMY was built to bring to our children a different conception about soccer. We will focus on bringing to them a real love for the sport by enjoying their smile while playing alongside their teammates.

Soccer must be accessed for all independent of social class!

Any soccer player can reach their full potential if they don't learn the  EARLY basic FUNDAMENTALS of soccer. Our mentality is to provide a TECHNICAL foundation for all the players before they start any competition level. We agree that spending excessive training time on running and other nonspecific exercises won't help our players develop the most important quality: MOTIVATION. Young players are thirsty for their chance to succeed and are more than willing to learn. Yet they are seldom given the chance to practice techniques to which they can devote themselves, heart and soul. Their ambition, dedication, and inspiration are undermined, and they lose interest to play soccer. It's up to us, coaches, to keep that inner stimulation and drive our players to enjoy and continue to play soccer.

The Importance of Learning Technique in  Soccer, the quality of a soccer's team depends on the technical abilities of its players. Two specific movements are important in order to play well: Pass and Reception. However simple, these two techniques can either make the game more beautiful, or ugly.

This simple process is best developed when the player is in their early stage as an athlete, at their youngest age. Therefore, I am always focusing on the quality of this formation up to the goals. How important is it to win a soccer's titles in lower categories? Is there really any compensation (besides winning) to play for trophies and titles? If you just focus on winning, then you already forgot what is most important: the PLAYER'S DEVELOPMENT.  The main problem is that both coaches and parents of young athletes have the necessity to carry around this “pride” that their child is a champion, which is perfectly normal, but they don't count on the other side; “did your child really have good technique?” Then I ask, “By adulthood, will the player have gained the quality to play at a higher competitive level?” Will they be ready for a High school or even College level with enough technical development to give them the ability to play better soccer instead of just getting rid of the ball as soon as they get it? The answer is in the games we usually watch in different tournaments and leagues. Most of the coaches and parents think only about winning those games. And besides that, in these games, they expect that those players that have more physical conditioning solve their dispute independently of strategy/technique. It is like you already know who can make the Goal or who will bring the team up! I really question what kind of development do these mistakes bring to the athletes? Certainly any...! The first step to modify this type of conception is to change the coaches' mentality because they are the ones who train players, and the only ones that can help them to improve their formation. Also, coaches need to be mentally prepared to know how to react to the parents and directors' pressures around the team.

For coaches, calm is necessary and should be more important than the evolution of their players until they reach the right level in soccer. The truth is, as coaches, we can give to our athlete's good condition of development to make them progress in all levels inside SOCCER, for this we just need to remember that GOOD RESULTS will come if the technique is fixed, and the most important, all the players need to play the game and have the same opportunity like the ones with more physical/technical skills.

Finally, I agree that players between 5 and 14 years of age must focus in technical development, because in the future, the performance of their whole team will always depend on the individual qualities of the players, and most importantly, I really believe that each player has a necessary role inside the team! The majority of players have technical difficulties in  PASSING and RECEPTION, reflecting for whoever is watching how soccer games are stereotyped as a “boring”, or as a “tennis game” on which the ball goes from one side to another by the air. 

With this mentality, Ole Soccer Academy arrives to give a chance to any player that loves soccer and expects to get the proper training, reaching enough technical level and consequently being prepared to play in high-level competitions.

Techinique, technique and technique!