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Founder's background

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  • Born in 1973, city of Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Military Police High School boys soccer team 1986 - 1990, Bahia, Brazil

  • Military Police Academy man soccer team 1990 - 1994, Bahia, Brazil

  • 4 CIPM FUTSAL soccer team, 1994 - 2000, Irece, Brazil

  • University of a soccer coaching course, the year 2000, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Over 30 years second division East Bay soccer league amateur teams 2001 - 2006

  • Coach for churches, clubs and community teams in East Bay

  • National Soccer Coaches Association Of America courses:  Youth Level I, II and VI at 2011

  • Red Cross CPR AED course 2016

  • Head coach of Oakland Unity Right School Varsity boys team 2014

  • Soccer trainer of Liga Latina U12 boys team 2014

  • Soccer trainer at Westside Timbers soccer club February to March of 2015

  • Soccer instructor for Recreation Plus 2015

  • Deer Valley High School actual JV boys soccer coach 2015

  • Stuart Hall for Boys Soccer Coach 2016, 2017, 2019

  • De Anza High School varsity girls soccer coach - TCAL stone division first place

  • Founder of Ole Soccer Academy since 2013

  • Certified Health Coach from Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (Families and Seniors) 2019

  • Coaching Coaches Course 2019

  • Five times CHESS champion of Military Police High School

  • Four times CHESS champion of Military Police Academy of Bonfin

" For many years I have dreamed about the moment in which my love
​​​​​​​for soccer could be shared with upcoming generations "​

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as a chess player

as a soccer player