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Many countries have now closed schools as part of efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus, leaving many parents to juggle their own job and the role of a teacher. Keeping children focused and motivated to continue studying, while also providing them with enough productive activities to keep them occupied in down-time is no easy task. However, some might see this additional family time as an opportunity to teach children life skills they don’t learn in school and only get to grips with as an adult.

Because of that Ole Soccer Academy created the PROJECT SOCCER to help our parents educate our children principles of good health.

"No one is going to take care of us other than us. Every one of us has a responsibility to take control of our health" - Marcos, Director of Ole Soccer Academy. 


Soccer is being taught only as a simple game. This decreases the importance of the historical knowledge of the sport, leaving the only interest in results and financial benefits. The idea of common coaching has turned into a way of focusing on the coach's progress instead of developing the players' techniques. From this point, we recognize the need to encourage players to experience soccer differently as a way of enjoying the thrill of the sport itself rather than stressing the need for a trophy, whether or not the necessary skills have been developed. We believe that teaching soccer is not only based on developing technical-tactical elements but also to aid in the development of the control skills of the individual. Knowledge of the rules and history of the sport plays an important role, as well as teaching them to adapt to their individual style. Restoring values that stress group unity and mutual respect over individuality and autonomy are key. Based on this philosophy OLE SOCCER ACADEMY was started in 2013 to bring to our children a different concept about soccer. We will focus on instilling a real love for the sport so they have fun while playing alongside their teammates. We believe soccer is meant for everyone to enjoy. Everyone is welcome.

Our Mission - To fight against childhood obesity and chronic diseases using soccer and science-based health information as a tool.

Structure - Lectures,classroom sessions, and outside activities with parents and children. Practice time - 90 minutes. Families (parents and children) after signing up will have to participate in 30 min of virtual/classroom sessions regarding the S.O.C.C.E.R. curriculum. After that, the children will have 60 min of soccer activity. Parents should participate in physical activity together with their children.

Length of the program - 1 month

Registration - on our website www.olesocceracademy.pro


NUTRITION - Traffic light Eating, Portion control, Breakfast, Grains, Vegetables and Fruits, Water, Guide to reading & understanding food labels, Organic vs non-organic foods, Sugar, Cooking oil, good carbs vs junk Carbs, Fiber, Healthy snacks, Fat, Grazing, Protein, and trans fat.

LIFESTYLE - sleep, cell phone activity, meditation, read and play, optimism, practicing a friendly and relaxed environment

SOCCER ACTIVITIES - fundamentals of soccer, games, small tournaments, and fun activities.


S.O.C.C.E.R. is a program designed to use soccer technical skills & activities and science-based health information as a tool to fight against childhood obesity and the chronic diseases affecting our children. Soccer is the fastest growing sport in America and very easy to play. As a soccer coach for almost 20 years, I know how much pleasure children can have to play soccer even without the desire to jump on a competitive level. I saw the food parents were feeding their kids before, during, and after games and/or practices and recognized how much it affected the children’s performance. The letters S.O.C.C.E.R. stand for Sleep, Optimism, Creative, Cool, Eat Better, and Relax. These 6 areas work together to make children healthier and consequently have better performance in school, life and as a soccer player.

Sleep is just as important to a child as eating healthy and exercising because sleep helps support their mental and physical development. Even in infancy, while children are sleeping, their brains are busy working while they rest.

Optimistic people think the best possible thing will happen and hope for it even if it's not likely. Optimism helps to build confidence

Creativity Just like an artist, anyone can be creative in what they are doing. Creativity helps to make healthy food fun.

Cool is a feeling, a mindset, a way of being, and acting. Cool is a state of being and acting that attracts and emits positive energy.

Eating better is about eating healthy food every day. The benefits are beyond calculation, especially for children. Relax, playing soccer without stress is fun and enjoyable.

Relax, playing soccer without stress is fun and enjoyable​​​​​​​


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