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  • Ole Soccer Academy training will be implementing the following health and safety measures when permitted to resume programs. All of the measures will follow the state's recommended guidelines and will stay in place until it is deemed safe to return to regular program operations. Outdoor Programs – All programs will take place outdoors with no indoor program options.
  • Small Groups – All programs will be small group sessions with a maximum of 11 participants and 1 coach. Participants will stay in the same groups for the duration of the program and will not mix with other groups.
  • Non-Contact – All activities used in sessions will be completely non-contact. There will be no regular gameplay and instead children will focus on improving their individual skills unopposed. This will also mean no handshaking or high fives.
  • Social Distancing – Prior to children arriving, stations will be set up for each player, to ensure that each child stays at a minimum 6’ away from other participants. Participants will place their backpacks, drinks, and snacks at their station and will remain at their station during all group breaks. All activities used in sessions will be designed to ensure that individuals adhere to the 6’ social distancing guidelines.
  • All instructors are required to have their areas set up as in the diagram below with designated ‘home base’ stations for all participants.
  • Players should put their water and other belongings at their ‘home base’ and are required to stay in this location for all water or snack breaks. 
  • Sanitizing – Instructors have been provided with hand sanitizer and sanitizing spray for their equipment.
  • Before and after each session, all equipment will be thoroughly cleaned. Instructors follow the directions for sanitation on the bottle.
  • Participants will be required to use provided hand sanitizer at the beginning of the session and after any visit to the bathroom. Instructors will distribute sanitizer solutions into the participant's hands as they arrive.
  • Equipment – Participants will be instructed to bring NO equipment to sessions.
  • Instructors will be the only individuals touching the instructional equipment. Participants will be
  • instructed not to help collect pieces of training equipment.
  • Participants will be provided a sanitized Vision Soccer Training ball at the beginning of the session, once they have sanitized their hands.
  • Face Masks – Instructors have all been provided with a face mask to wear for the duration of sessions. Parents and children should wear a mask as well.
  • Temperature – Instructors will check their temperatures daily, before arriving to the field.
  • Instructors are required to check their temperature at home before each session. If they have a
  • the temperature of 100.4°F/38°C they need to contact their supervisor immediately and not attend the session.
  • Illness – If an instructor is scheduled to work a session and feels ill, they are to call their supervisor immediately and under no circumstances attend the camp.
  • Check-in/out – All parents are asked to remain in their vehicles during the check-in and check-out process, and no bystanders can be at the practices and during check-in and out procedures. 
  • • Check-in cones are distributed 6 feet apart at the check-in area and participants are instructed to stand by one of the cones until they have checked in and been directed to their group.
  • • After check-in in the participant will receive hand sanitizer for their hands.
  • • Once at their training area the instructor will direct players to their ‘home base’ cone (see above) and instruct them to put their water bottle and belongings at this cone. They will remain at the cone until the session starts and the coach instructs them to move to a different position.

Ole Soccer Tournament - 12/15/2019 (Irvington Park, Fremont, CA)

Ole Soccer Tournament - 9/15/2019 (Irvington Park, Fremont, CA)

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Parents Memorandum - COVID-19

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